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Easy-Find Band Ear Plugs

Item # 390012
Price: $3.99

The Easy-Find Band Ear Plugs help children and teens with autism who are sensitive to sound. They are easy to put on and help with focus and concentration.

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These soft gel ear plugs are mounted on a headband that makes them easy to take on and off. Now you don’t have to worry about losing ear plugs or the inconvenience of quickly putting them on.  The caps are easily held in place by the light force of the headband.

These are a great option for kids who need help blocking out background noise but don’t like the feel of earmuffs or start to feel hot when wearing them.  The ear plugs don’t go in the ear canal. This is a more comfortable option or the sensory sensitive who do not like the feeling of something inside their ear canal.

These gel caps have a noise rating of up to 23 decibels. This is a discreet option for students in inclusion settings. You can wear them around your neck and then pull them up over the ears when needed. Caps can be cleaned with mild soap and water.