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Discount Ear Muffs

Item # 390011
Price: $12.99

Our comfortable Discount Ear Muffs are a budget friendly option for the classroom or therapy center.

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Some students need extra help focusing and these ear muffs can help. Our Discount Ear Muffs are perfect for children and teens with autism that need help blocking out background noises. They are a budget friendly option for your classroom that can help your students focus when they need to.

These cushioned ear muffs feature a 25 decibel noise reduction rating. They were originally designed for OSHA safety compliance for busy job sites but work perfectly in the classroom. The muffs are flat black and the headband conforms easily to both children and teens. The dark design is more discreet than other brightly colored models – making them a great option for inclusive environments.

Size: 8” x 8”