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Bouncy Bands

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Bouncy bands help fidgety students focus. Bouncy Bands are quiet and they don't distract others.

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Have an active student who needs to fidget to focus? Bouncy Bands feature a heavy duty rubber band that students can kick and push against with their feet. It's a great movement outlet for over active, frustrated, or anxious students!

This innovative solution was created by a teacher who wanted a non-distracting movement solution for his class. An online survey of 139 teachers using Bouncy Bands reported that:

76% felt it helped their students to focus and stay on task.

71% felt their students were calmer while taking tests.

92% felt it helped release pent up energy.

91% felt they were quiet.

You will love the durable construction of this made in America product. Each loop end is molded of thick durable rubber. Bands for Elementary Chairs can be stretched between chair legs of 13" - 17"; bands for Middle/High School Chairs can be stretched between chair legs of 17" - 24" and bands for Standard Desks can be between desk legs of 20" - 28". They are easy to install and take off as needed. The bands will stay attached to chairs if you need to stack them. This product does not contain latex or pthalates.