Early Learning Concepts Game Set Early Learning Concepts Game Set Early Learning Concepts Game Set Early Learning Concepts Game Set

Early Learning Concepts Game Set

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Build social understanding, motor skills, language, and more with the Early Learning Concepts Game Set. Whether you choose one or the full set of 3, these games are equipped to bring learning to life with colorful, kid-friendly exercises players will love.

Frankie’s Food Truck:

In Frankie’s Food truck your students will have lots of fun as they try to be the first one to deliver a 5 piece dinner to win. To play students take turns spinning the spinner to find out what shape they can collect and then use the squeezer to pick up matching food pieces. The first player to add five foods to their placemat wins.

This game is great for building basic skills including matching, identifying shapes, foods and colors. This game also helps develop fine motor skills, improves strategic thinking skills, and is helpful for practicing following directions, good sportsmanship and turn-taking.

Set includes: game board, squeezer, 20 food pieces, 4 placemats, spinner and instructions.

Shelby's Snack Shack:

This dog themed game is perfect for working on basic concepts including number recognition, counting, and beginning adding and subtracting. To play students take turns spinning the spinner and using the Shelby Squeezer to fill their dog bowl with bones. If the spinner lands on a sneaky seagull they will lose some bones or on a flip flop they will lose their turn. The player with the most bones at the end of the game wins.

Use this game to work on speech and social skills including following directions, turn taking, good sportsmanship, and joint attention. Using the squeezer also helps develop fine motor skills including the pincer grasp which is important for holding a pencil.

Set includes: game board, 1 squeezer, 40 bones, 4 bowls, spinner and instructions.

The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game:

This fun game builds so many skills. Have fun building social skills including turn taking, topic maintenance, joining attention, and more. Using the acorn squeezer builds fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. It even teaches basic concepts including counting and color recognition.

To play, students take turns spinning the spinner. Then they use their Squirrel Squeezer to pick up the appropriate number of acorns and place them in their log. If the spinner lands on “Sad Squirrel” players lose their turn which will help them develop good sportsmanship. If it lands on “Sneaky Squirrel” players can take an acorn from another player. The first player to fill their log with acorns wins. No reading is required to play.

Set includes: game board (14" x 11"), squirrel squeezer, 20 acorns, spinner, 4 Logs, and instructions.

All games recommended for ages 4 and up. 2-4 Players. Includes instructions in English and Spanish.

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