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Cascade 2 Minute Timer

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What could be more soothing than watching small colored balls gently glide down a winding slope? Now imagine two rows of winding balls winding back and forth across each other and it's even better. The Cascade S liquid motion toy features two colors of liquid drops that flow in a gentle S formation. This gentle formation creates a calming visual effect. It works especially well for special needs kids who are highly visual.

To use it just flip it over and watch as two colors flow down a staggered plane for about three minutes. This is an inexpensive way to provide a short sensory break in the classroom or your home. It measures approximately 5 by 3 inch so you can easily slip it in a purse or backpack for a quiet and calming distraction while out in the community.

This product works best at temperatures between 32-122 degrees Fahrenheit (or 0-50 degrees Celsius).Please avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight as the colored drops could fade. Please note this product is recommended for people ages 14 and up and comes in assorted colors.

Size: 5 x 3 inches

Age: 14+

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