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Calming Choices Chart

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Help your students make good choices when feeling stressed, angry, or overwhelmed with our Calming Choices Set. This simple set includes a choice chart and several 2" x 2" calming choice cards to choose from. Additional blank cards allow you to customize choices to meet your student's needs.

Using the Calming Choices Chart is easy and simple. Just place the included calming choice cards on the velcro strips on the bottom portion of the chart-- you can customize the choices available to each student. When students need to calm down, present them with the chart. A student can then visually see all of their calming choices, and pick one image to stick at the top. 

By giving students a choice, you are helping them exercise their independence, decision making, and self-soothing skills. This is great resource for parents, teachers, and therapists working with students who may need help calming down.

Calming choices include: Weighted Blanket, Weighted Vest, Take a Break, Get a Drink, Deep Breaths, Count to 10, Quiet Area, Stress Ball, Ask for Help, Talk to My Teacher, Stretch My Body, Wall Push Ups, Listen to Music, Draw a Picture, Read, Jump, and Take a Walk.

Size: 9" x 12"

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