The Calm Caterpillar The Calm Caterpillar The Calm Caterpillar The Calm Caterpillar The Calm Caterpillar The Calm Caterpillar

The Calm Caterpillar

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Introducing the Calming Caterpillar – the ultimate toolset for helping children manage their big feelings. Whether you choose the Calming Caterpillar, the Calm Corner Kit, or both, you're providing your child with effective ways to calm down and find emotional balance.

The Calm Corner Kit is designed to create a tranquil oasis within your home, benefiting both children and parents alike. It equips your children with valuable emotional and social learning skills that will serve them for a lifetime. Developed by Sarah Habib, a mindfulness expert with extensive teaching experience, this kit has already made a positive impact in education centers such as Cincinnati Public Schools and North College Hill City Schools.

In the kit, you'll find essential tools like the Calming Caterpillar Parent Class, a Tree Stump Sitting Cushion, an Expandable Breathing Ball to teach rhythmic breathing, and a Hand-Breathing Poster you can use as a visual guide to lower stress and improve concentration. A Parent Field Guide is also included, offering easy-access reference points to help you apply and demonstrate calming techniques to your child.

In addition to the Kit, you can also purchase the Calming Caterpillar for even more cuddly, relaxing fun! The Caterpillar has been mindfully designed to facilitate breathing exercises and provide soothing deep pressure. The Calming Caterpillar offers three different calming techniques, providing multiple approaches to relaxation.

  • Expanding: Stretch the Calming Caterpillar to mirror deep breathing, giving tangible feedback on breath and teaching cause & effect.
  • Weight: Drape the Calming Caterpillar around the neck to create a soothing sensory experience that calms the nervous system.
  • Counting: Each of the Caterpillar's ten body segments can be gently petted, offering a tactile and visual way to focus on counting, using both touch and breath to achieve relaxation and focus.

Use the Kit and Caterpillar on their own, or in tandem to provide soothing exercises and activities at home, in the classroom, or on-the-go.


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