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b-Calm Headphones

Item # 955001
Price: $138.99

B-Calm Headphones use a sound shield of calming noises to block out unwanted noise to help sooth and calm.

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If you have a student who struggles with distracting noise or sound-based overstimulation, the b-Calm Headphones are a new, innovative tool to help! These therapy headphones are different from most noise reduction ear muffs which only muffle sound. Instead of muffling noise, the b-Calm Headphones also include earbuds and an mp3 player with “acoustic shield” audio tracks. Sized perfectly for kids and teens, the b-Calm Headphones are perfect for helping prevent overstimulation.

These tracks feature specially designed white noise that makes typically distracting noises unnoticeable to the listener. It also features soothing nature tracks to help calm and re-center agitated special needs students. These options make the b-Calm Headphones perfect for both overstimulated students and for students prone to distraction! 

The comfortable construction of the “muffs” ensures that users can wear the headphones for extended periods, making them great for use at home or in the classroom. A handy carrying case is also included, allowing you to use these headphones on-the-go!

This system includes a pair of headphones, ear buds, "acoustic shield" soundtracks, black carrying bag and an MP3 player. 

Please note: the music on the video is background music, we are not allowed to play the b-calm music it is acoustically engineered and they have asked us not to put it on the internet. Thank you for your understanding.