Bubble Tube Platform

Bubble Tube Platform

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Use these helpful Bubble Tube Platforms in your sensory room to prop up and support your Bubble Tubes! Users will love to sit on the soft vinyl surface while watching the bubbles rise and shimmer.

While on the platform, users can press up against the tube and feel the gentle, calming vibration for a wonderful visual and tactile sensory experience! This is a great way to encourage users to get close to the Bubble Tube and relax, providing them with a safe, secluded area to explore the various sensations.

The surface of the Bubble Tube Platform is phthalate-free and specifically designed to be easy to clean. The hole easily accommodates any 6” diameter bubble tube! Several options are available to help you find the perfect fit for your sensory room. Choose between a square design or a curved corner-- each are available in both medium and large sizes!

Medium platforms are 36" x 36" x 15 3/4" H and the large are 48" x 48" x 15 3/4" H

This item is manufactured in the US and takes us about 3-4 weeks to complete.

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