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Lightweight, compact & cost-effective, the Portable Bubble Tube is a great fit for any home, classroom, or therapy center! Users of all ages will love to watch hundreds of colorful, mesmerizing bubbles rise up the tube. Gentle, pulsing light shifts and changes colors to create a beautiful aquatic light show.

Place this tube in the bedroom for a soothing activity anytime-- perfect for calming down before it’s time to sleep. Or, place it in an office or lounge area to allow everyone to enjoy the colorful bubbles.

The compact construction of this Bubble Tube is designed to be easily transported, making this a great choice for therapists on the go or spaces which may not be able to accommodate a full sized bubble tube. This Bubble Tube is not compatible with our Bubble Tube Brackets or Platforms due to its small size.

Now you can create an instant calming experience for students with autism, anxiety or adults with dementia.

Choose from two versions:

Calming: slowly transitions through a rainbow of colors.  987028-C

Superactive: includes a wireless controller with 9 buttons. Clients can control up to 8 colors and turn the bubbles on and off.  It's perfect for teaching cause and effect.  987028-S

Operates on power from a standard 110v outlet.

This item is made in the USA and features heavy duty, easy-to-clean, phthalate-free vinyl that is easy to clean and sterilize.

Adult supervision required. Ages 3+

Dimensions: platform: 27½" H x 27½" W x 15" D

Mirrors: 26¾" H x 47" W

Bubble Tube: 40"