What Do They Really Mean? What Do They Really Mean? What Do They Really Mean?

What Do They Really Mean?

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What Do They Really Mean? is an Interactive Reading Book that will help you teach special learners about idioms.

Idioms are often confusing for literal thinkers because when taken literally they make no sense. This high quality laminated book features 2" x 2" full color pictures that will help you teach literal thinkers the real meanings behind common idioms used today.

Each page features an idiom, with an easy to understand explanation.

For example, "When she says, 'I have to hit the books!' what she really means is, 'she needs to study.'" This book introduces 12 common idioms to help you teach the concept.

Once your students understand the concept, it's fun to dive into learning more! Designed based on needs assessments taken from Speech and Language Pathologists around the country, this helpful book will help your students reach their IEP goals in no time. Fully laminated with Velcro backed, full color pictures make this a durable teaching aid for teachers or therapists.

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