Autism Weighted Compression Vest Autism Weighted Compression Vest Autism Weighted Compression Vest

Weighted Pressure Vest

Item # 100340
$39.99 - $99.99

Product Details

This vest provides a combination of pressure and weight providing deep pressure input to help students focus in the classroom. Use it to help agitated or overstimulated students calm down, transition easier, and increase participation in group activities. Use it in class or out in the community at grocery stores, restaurants, or shopping centers. 

Teachers and therapists love the hook and loop closures on the sides and stretchy neoprene fabric. The loop closures span across the back so that students have room to grow into the vest and allows you to limit the compression as needed. You can use it as a pressure vest or weighted vest. You have your choice of unisex colors navy blue or red. A wide variety of sizing options makes these vests a great choice for kids, teens, and adults alike.

Pockets are provided, for the weights, inside the front lower side of the vest. Weights can be easily placed in the pockets and held safely by hook and loop enclosures at the top of the pockets. The vest  comes with four 1/4 pound weights and two 1/2 pound weights for a total of 2 pounds. Please note: the XXS size includes four 1/4 pound weights only.

Size Chart

Size Chest Circumference Length
XXS 20.5" - 23.5" 11.5" - 12.5"
XS 22.5" - 29" 11.5" - 12.5"
Small 25.5" - 32" 16" - 17.5"
Medium 32" - 38" 18" - 20"
Large 35" - 42" 21" - 23"
XL 42" - 45" 24" - 26"

Machine washable!

The material inside our weight sets is ore sand which is tested and meets CPSIA requirements.

Except for CPSIA requirements, this vest has passed the flammability test of clothing textile 16 CFR 1610.

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