Weighted Lap Dog

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Your students are going to love these well-made adorable lap dogs. Cloe and Dot, the weighted lap dogs,  feature five pounds of calming weight that will lay perfectly across your student’s lap. Use it to help kids focus in class or calm down with after a hard day at school.

Teachers and therapists will appreciate the sturdy design of this therapy tool. Heavy duty reinforced stitching means it’s designed to hold up to years of use. Cloe and Dot feature soft, huggable cotton fabric to provide soothing tactile input for the sensory sensitive.

There are so many ways Cloe or Dot can be helpful! Use them to help wiggly students pay attention during class. Or, as a calming transition item for those students who find transitions stressful. Set it in your calm down area for students to pick up and hold or lay across their belly for calming deep pressure.

Use it at night as a snuggly sleep item to help kids relax and go to sleep.

Warning: small parts, this item is not recommended for children under the age of 4.

Weight: 5 pounds