Galaxy Gel Weighted Lap Pad Galaxy Gel Weighted Lap Pad

Galaxy Gel Weighted Lap Pad

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Do you have a student with special needs who has concentration troubles? These sturdy lap pads are designed by therapists to help your students stay calm and focused. Shiny stars suspended in a glittery gel provide deep pressure as well as tactile and visual stimulation! Place the weighted pad across the lap of your student with autism to calm restless legs. They won't be able to keep their fidgety fingers from manipulating the sparkling gel laced with stars.

This item works well in the home, classroom or clinic. It is made of sturdy vinyl that is easy to clean and sterilize. A fraction of the price of traditional weighted lap pads, this item is easy on the budget while still being high quality!

Size: 18''L x 10''W and weighs 5 pounds.

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