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Visual Cue Cards

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Our cue cards are laminated and durable making communicating behaviors or needs quick and accessible.

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Cue Cards are a useful visual aid for communicating behavior expectation, need, and reinforcing good behavior. Each card is laminated for durability. Choose from the following:

  • Stop cards cue students to stop an activity, behavior, or designate an off limits area. Students can also use stop cards themselves, providing a great way for those with communication challenges to enforce personal boundaries. For example, place a stop sign on your classroom door after everyone is lined up, and remove it as a signal that it is OK to go outside. 
  • Wait cards support waiting for short periods of time. Some common uses for this card include: waiting for a turn during a conversation, game, while in line, or for a preferred activity.
  • Break cards provides stressed or overwhelmed students with a tool they can use to remove themselves from difficult or overwhelming situations. This provides them with a proactive strategy to manage stress.
  • I Need Help cards prompt students to ask for help before they become frustrated or anxious. This can help students who exhibit challenging behaviors when they become upset or frustrated.

Set of 4

Size: 3” x 3”.