Diary of a Social Detective

Diary of a Social Detective

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Embark on a social adventure with Diary of a Social Detective, where readers learn important life skills and grow emotionally as they unravel intriguing interpersonal mysteries. In this helpful social skills book, Johnny Multony, a kid who transforms from feeling out of place to becoming socially savvy, starts the first-ever social detective agency to help others who struggle with social situations. Hired by fellow students at his school, Johnny tackles common dilemmas like dealing with cliques, handling disappointments, addressing bullying, understanding personal space, navigating friendships, interpreting body language, and more. With engaging stories written from Johnny’s first-person perspective, readers can enjoy tagging along and learning with Johnny on each mysterious case.

Diary of a Social Detective offers real-life tales of mystery, intrigue, and interpersonal adventure, empowering children and adolescents to become social detectives in their own lives. Through engaging storytelling, this book seamlessly combines social skills instruction with reading comprehension, making learning social skills a relatable and entertaining experience for readers. By following along with Johnny, readers are encouraged to engage in perspective-taking, critical thinking, and problem-solving as they gain an understanding of not just their own struggles, but the struggles of others as well.

Winner of the Teacher's Choice Award, Moonbeam Children's Book Award, and Mom's Choice Award, Diary of a Social Detective is a great resource for building social understanding and interpersonal skills.

306 pages. Recommended for grades 4-9.

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