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Super Sorting Pie

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Teach early number skills and attributes such as colors and shapes with the Super Sorting Pie! This educational toy gives young learners a hands-on experience with sorting, counting, patterning, and basic math. Each compartment is filled with a different colored fruit that kids will love to pick up and play with as they figure out how to sort.

Help kids develop the fine motor skills needed for handwriting using the easy to hold Jumbo Tweezers as a part of play. This activity is also great for visual-motor integration! The sorting cards provided give supportive visual cues and slip into the bottom of the pan for easy storage. Children will love this fun, fruity, and educational game!

Includes 60 counters- seven types of fruit (plums, bananas, oranges, apples, grapefruits, apricots, and grapes) in five colors. The included Activity Guide lists fun ideas for developing a variety of kindergarten readiness skills including sorting, matching, color/attribute identification, counting, and patterning.

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