Stop Strip Alarm System

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Some students need an extra reminder that an area is off-limits. Quickly and easily create a visual cue at any door that your student or child should not walk through with the Stop Strip Alarm System. This is a great tool for homes, classrooms, or clinics to keep students safe and reinforce rules and boundaries. If someone ignores the warning and passes the Stop Strip, an alarm will sound, alerting staff as well as discouraging future attempts to pass through.

The bright yellow strip and highly contrasting stop sign visually reminds students not to open the door preventing potential wandering. The easy set-up means you can place Stop Strips at stairwells, exits, or anywhere that is off-limits.

This system installs easily using Velcro strips that you attach to your door frame. Set-up is quick and easy, with a 9-volt battery included with your purchase.