Stop Cards

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Our Stop Cards are a useful visual aid for reinforcing good behavior and providing clear communication for when it’s time to stop. This handy set of visual stop cards are super clear and are perfect for telling individuals to stop an activity, or designate an off limits area. Students can also use stop cards themselves, providing a great way for those with communication challenges to enforce personal boundaries.

There are so many useful ways to use these Stop Cards. For example, you can place a stop sign on your classroom door after everyone is lined up, and remove it as a signal that it is OK to go outside. You can hold one up to signal the end of an activity, or to give a student a clear message when they engage in behavior that is against the rules. Five Stop Cards are included in this set, so you can put them to many different uses. Great for the home, classroom, or therapy center.

Set of 5. Size: 3” x 3”.