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Social Skills Comics for Teens

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Real photographs laid out in a comic format make it easy to teach social skills to teens who may be reluctant to work with traditional workbooks.

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The Social Skills Comics for Teens uses a comic book format using real photographs of students facing common social situations. Each chapter provides clear, appropriate modeling to help you teach students new social skills and practice positive social behaviors. This book explores 25 common social scenarios that teens face at school. After each comic a worksheet includes questions to help you explore each social scenario more deeply. As teens learn the right and wrong way to handle social situations they will grasp the consequences of positive and negative social choices.

By combining the joy of reading comics with educational social lessons, this book makes learning enjoyable for its readers. All text is separated into word bubbles, making it easy to follow the conversations. It's a great resource for teens who may be reluctant readers! A CD in the back of the book is filled with printable hand-outs.

Recommended for ages 12 and up.

106 pages.