This simple, highly visual toy is so relaxing. The Self Color-Changing Egg is designed with a gentle glow that slowly fades through several hues. This item also features a color lock feature, giving you the option to keep the egg at a single color.

The Self Color Changing Egg provides gentle visual stimulation and is the perfect size for little hands to hold. The calming light is perfect for helping overstimulated kids calm down and relax. Use this item in a dark room to amplify the sensory effects.

This item makes for a great gift-- place it in easter baskets for extra seasonal fun, or use it year round for a simple yet mesmerizing light show anytime. Kids and adults alike can appreciate the calming effects of watching the egg pulse from one color to the next. Simple, highly visual, and so much fun, this Color Changing Egg is a great sensory toy.

Measures approximately 4 inches high. Three AG13 Batteries requires. (included)