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Receptive Language Comprehension Kit

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The Receptive Language Comprehension Kit will help your students learn to follow multi-step directions.

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Do you work with students who struggle with accurately attending to and following oral directions that contain multiple steps? The Receptive Language bundles include fun activities that help your students build listening skills and following directions.

The Receptive Language Bundle 1 contains over 100 different laminated and velcroed picture cards attached to illustrated pages specially designed to help teach the skills of listening to and following multiple step directions! Three additional ‘helper’ pages are included. These are packed with suggestions for using the interactive materials, and they cover a wide-range of prompting ideas!

Themes of the illustrations on the pages include silly fun such as interacting with ‘aliens’ on their ‘planet’, or fun interacting in a different outdoor scene theme page for each season, as well as following directions for functional and fun tasks of assembling ‘cheeseburgers’ and ‘ice-cream sundaes’ etc. and more! Everything is heavy-duty laminated! All pages are three hole punched for easy storage in a 3-ring binder!

This bundle of activities can work with a wide-range of listening-skill abilities with the same pages! Complexity and variation of direction-following are possible through the multiple elements available on each of these specially illustrated pages. For example: one prompt given to the student may be as simple as "Put a banana on a tree”. A more complicated prompt sequence could be used: "Place the small banana on the big tree”. And a complex multi-step sequence to follow can also be given: “Place the big banana on the small vine on the big tree." Students can also enjoy following directions while completing functional themes involving food preparation such as "Put cheese and two pickle on the burger!”

The Receptive Bundle 2 contains 96 different laminated and velcroed picture cards. Themes of the pages include interacting with fun robots on their planet, interacting with items involving kids on a picnic, following directions for the functional assembly of a sub sandwich and many more!