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Positive Pragmatic Set

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Use a variety of games and fun practices pages to meet your pragmatic language goals with this social skills set.

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Building social language skills takes lots of practice. This set provides your students with a variety of fun ways to learn and practice pragmatic language. Play the board games during your social skills training and then use a worksheet to reinforce new skills in class or send them home for additional practice. This set is designed to teach the following pragmatic skills: Giving information, persuading, requesting, using the phone, greetings, feelings, figurative language, interacting with peers appropriately, maintaining a topic, and problem solving.

This set includes 10 games to select from to keep students from getting bored over time. A 170-page reproducible book includes a chapter with worksheets that reinforce what kids learned while playing each game. The book includes a variety of worksheets and activities including fill-in the blanks, role-playing, puzzles, stories, and more.

Set includes: 170 page workbook, 5 double sided laminated game boards (11" x 17"), pawns, die, instructions, and a handy carrying case.

Recommended for ages five and up.