You Can’t Make Me! Pro-Active Strategies for Positive Behavior Change in Children

You Can’t Make Me! Pro-Active Strategies for Positive Behavior Change in Children

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Working with children can be difficult, especially when trying to introduce change or influence behavior. This helpful book from Dr. James Ball is designed to help you learn ways to approach these scenarios and the keys to making a behavior plan that improves the quality of life for all involved. 

This book walks readers through the vital task of understanding a challenging behavior, why things go wrong, and positive strategies that can be used to improve the outcome of a situation. While every child and situation is unique, the strategies covered in this book have been polished and tested to ensure that all readers can come away with new tools and skills to bring to the table.

A key point covered in this book is how much the behavior and reactions of adults can worsen or improve a situation. Helpful example scenarios walk readers through managing a challenge behavior with clear explanations and point-by-point breakdowns of where methods succeed and fail. These scenarios explain each situation in detail and clearly illustrate how meaningful behavioral change was accomplished.

A special section is included in this book expanding on how to best support autistic individuals, with helpful explanations and tips for providing a positive, empathetic, and effective approach to their struggles. This final section helps readers apply the skills and methods introduced throughout the book in a way that is specifically tailored for autism.

150 pages.


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