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Magnetic Schedule Sets

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Easily promote independence and understanding with our easy to use Magnetic Schedule Sets.

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Do you need a versatile and easy to use tool to help you make visual schedules? The Schkidules Box Sets include everything you need to create effective visual supports for a wide variety of needs. These kits are perfect for parents, teachers, and therapists looking for a way to support understanding as kids navigate through daily tasks and transitions.

Schkidules are magnetic visual schedules that help you quickly customize visual aids to help children understand a sequence of events. Use them to create a daily schedule, chore lists, classroom schedules, sequence activities, hygiene routines, and more. Visual supports are an evidence based intervention that increases understanding, can help avoid meltdowns, reduce stress, improve communication skills, and build independence. Each activity icon is illustrated and attaches with a magnet. They are wipe-able for quick clean-up.

Choose between the following sets:

  • Home includes 18" Trifold board, 72 Activity Icons, 21 Headings, and 36 Magnet Stars
  • Education includes 18" Trifold board, 66 Activity Icons, 21 Headings, and 36 Magnet Stars
  • Deluxe Collection Box Set 18" Trifold board, 132 Home, School and Special Needs Activity Icons, 21 Headings, and 36 Magnet Stars

Each activity magnet measures 2 x 2 inches, is laminated for durability, and dry erase-friendly. The Magnetic board is 18" x 12" and folds down to three 6" x 12" panels. It is dry erase friendly, double sided, and can be used horizontally or vertically depending on your need.