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Photo Social Stories

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Every day we are faced with situations that have social expectations that children with autism and Asperger's syndrome don't always understand. These social stories are designed to help students learn the "hidden rules" of social expectations. Use this item one on one or in a small group

Each story will help students recognize:

  • The social cues they need to look for.
  • Emotions that are typical for the scenario.
  • Actions that are typically expected for the social situation.
  • Suggested appropriate social responses.
  • An easy to understand explanation for the social situation.

To begin, a teacher or facilitator must hold up one Photo Social Story Card to the players, showing the picture while reading the story and facts from the back of the card. Each story is written in the first person with straightforward language, and is also broken down into clear bullet points in the facts section of the card.

Next use the questions to initiate a conversation and critical thinking about the social scenario. The questions are designed to connect the story to players' personal experiences, showing how the skills can be applied in daily life.

Each set includes 35 photo cards.

Ages 5-12

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