Alternative Seating for the Classroom No-Roll Balance Ball

No-Roll Balance Ball (Set of 6)

Item # 205010
$109.99 - $159.99
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Ever want all the advantages of kinetic seating without mishaps in your classroom?  The No-Roll Balance Ball is a perfect fit! This ball features weights inside to ensure the ball stays in place during use, making it great for classroom, home, or office settings. Standard yoga balls can often roll away or risk toppling the user, while the No-Roll Balance Ball’s unique weighted base ensures safety and stability. 

This balance ball is a great fit for children, teens, and adults alike. Build focus, concentration, and core muscle tone by allowing users to fidget and wiggle as they work. This form of fidgeting is ideal for managing anxiety, attention difficulties, boredom, and stress during class and work time. Bounce, rock, wiggle, and get moving with the No-Roll Balance Ball! Build posture and balance while gaining all of the focus-boosting benefits of active seating!

Teachers will appreciate the thick sturdy construction of each ball and an included pump that makes it quick and easy to inflate.   

Includes one ball and inflation pump.