Figure Eight Balance Beam Set - Large

Item # 251006
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Teachers and therapists love this sturdy balance beam set. Unlike some of the smaller sets on the market, please note this is the full size set. This 26 piece set features interlocking pieces that let you build lots of balancing activities.

Connect all the pieces and build a figure eight or create a longer curved path. You can also create a circle using just the curved pieces or a straight line using just the strait pieces.

This is great for building balance, gross motor coordination, and outdoor play.

This set includes 8 Straight Walking Boards, 8 Curved Walking Boards, and one inter connector piece.

Walking Boards - curved, 11.5" L x 5.75" Bottom x 2" Top x 6.25" H

Walking Boards - straight, 11.5" L x 5.75" Bottom x 2" Top x 6.25" H

Assembled Dimensions: 118"" L x 51"" W x 6.25 H

Made in Taiwan