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Calming Sensory Tent Kit

Item # 2160
Price: $319.99

Help your students with autism, anxiety or sensory challenges relax when life gets over stimulating or stressful with our calming sensory tent kit.

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Need a safe space to calm down and relax? We've put together everything you need in one package in the Calming Sensory Tent Kit. We've filled this tent with several of our most popular calming items to help anxious or agitated students calm down and relax.
This set includes:

Tent: the black color is perfect for minimizing sensory stimulation and enhancing sensory lighting. Often kids on the spectrum benefit from a quiet, calming space to retreat to when they feel overwhelmed or anxious. The tent provides a consistent and predictable space giving kids a sense of control over their surroundings.

  • Tranquil Turtle: With the press of a button, a mesmerizing underwater effect is projected onto the inside of the tent. While watching the water effect, you have the choice of listening to a tranquil melody or the sound of ocean waves.
  • Weighted Wrap: It feels like a big hug when life gets overwhelming. Smaller than the size of a weighted blanket, this item can provide the deep pressure your students need to help calm their senses quickly and easily. It's easier to put on and take off than a weighted vest, providing quick comfort when needed. Size: 40" x 12". Weight: 5 pounds.
  • Vibrating Neck Wrap: Get soothing massage quickly and easily with the press of a button with our adorable vibrating puppy wrap. Size: 16" x 12" x 6"
  • Headphones: These headphones are comfortable and discreet- suggested by OTs to help the sound sensitive

Recommended for ages 3 and up.