My Body is Mine My Feelings Are Mine

My Body is Mine My Feelings Are Mine

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My Body Is Mine, My Feelings Are Mine is designed to educate children aged 4 to 9 about protecting themselves from sexual abuse. Authored by Susan Hoke, a licensed clinical social worker, and illustrated by Bruce Van Patter, this storybook provides essential safety information in a simple, understandable, and child-friendly format. Through engaging storytelling and colorful illustrations, children will learn about body safety and boundary-setting, empowering them to recognize and respond correctly to potentially harmful situations.

A helpful Adult Guidebook section is included to facilitate effective implementation, giving caregivers, educators, and parents the knowledge and tools to identify and handle child abuse situations effectively. The Adult Guidebook offers valuable insights on detecting signs of child molestation and victimization, as well as practical steps for supporting children who may have experienced abuse.

With a focus on promoting open communication and fostering a safe environment, My Body Is Mine, My Feelings Are Mine encourages meaningful understanding for both adults and children about this difficult topic. By laying out body safety rules and empowering children to assert their boundaries, this book is a great resource for safeguarding children's wellbeing and preventing abuse.

78 pages.

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