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Moki Therapy Swing

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The Moki Swing will make a great addition to your home or therapy room. Your students with autism and sensory needs will love it- its perfect for sensory integration and vestibular activities. Your students can lie down on their back or have them lie on their stomach and place items on the floor for extension exercises. Use this swing to provide gentle motion to activate the vestibular system. It works great to provide exercises that train and tone the body especially in the cervical-nuchal region.

The easy to use SmartLock safety hooks allow you to quickly and easily adjust the height of the swing in seconds without any knots. Use it with your existing swing system or hang it from a ceiling with the included hardware. The extra padding along the edge of the swing provides extra comfort when a student is lying face-down, allowing for a prolonged period of exercise or relaxation. This allows for a more intensive and more effective therapy sessions.

The rocking motion produces endorphins, offers a sense of freedom, and defies gravity. Best of all- it’s fun! Consequently your students will try out things they‘d normally keep away from. They even want to prolong the exercises because of the fun.

This swing is made of durable yet soft cotton canvas that is generously sized to support the entire body in a fully reclined position. Padded edges reduce wear and tear while making the swing comfortable.

Machine Washable

This product has been awarded the seal of quality by the German Institute of Health and Ergonomics.

Max load: 355 pounds

Size: 5' x 11' 6"

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