Swing Swing System

Item # 841105
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Our Swing-Swing is a side wall mounted sturdy swing frame that can support up to 350 lbs. Quickly set it up and then put it away so that you have open space for other uses. This space saving swing frame is effortlessly taken up or down in about a minute and can be used in rooms as narrow as 10 × 16 feet and attaches to any wall at least 8 feet high.

This item is helpful for:

  • Areas without a lot of space but using Sensory Integration as one of their primary therapies. They will find the Swing-Swing’s space saving design extremely convenient freeing up their limited area for a variety of uses. Speech or music therapists and interactive metronome therapists often use Sensory Integration in their sessions.
  • Schools with special education classrooms or multi-purpose rooms.

The Swing-Swing comes as four basic components:

  • Complete swing frame
  • Installation equipment
  • Platform Swing

Swing footprint is 9½ feet × 9 feet.