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Mobile Interactive Floor & Wall

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Product Details

The mobile interactive station reacts to touch via feet, hands, or objects. This turn-key projection system turns any floor or wall into an interactive multimedia space in less than one minute! This system includes over 130 games designed to help children have fun while they learn and are physically active.

The station smoothly rolls from room to room and includes locking casters that keep the unit securely in place. No ceiling mount is required! A 4K projection system allows you to adjust the interactive space. A premium motion sensor can accommodate multiple players. 

This system also includes the Game Creator function allowing teachers and facilitators to create their own games, quizzes, puzzles, or movement activities in minutes. This plug-n-play system is very user friendly! 

You can easily switch activities using the built in touch screen or a wireless keyboard. Your settings will not be lost when unplugging and moving the unit from class to class! Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to easily get updates, new apps, and connect to live support.

The station is made of steel and is extremely durable. The floor system includes white foam mats that enhance projection and are easy-to-clean, soft, require no maintenance, and work on any type of flooring.

The preinstalled software for the interactive floor includes:

  • 50 Educational games
  • 45 Exercise games
  • 50 Entertainment games
  • Game Creator 

The preinstalled software for the interactive wall includes:

  • over 90 games.
  • These include the Throw Wall Set and the Sports Game Set.
  • Game Creator Software allowing you to create custom games and upload your own materials.

Choose between Standard or Commercial options:

Standard option: includes a smaller projection area and works perfect for a standard size room or your sensory room. This system works best with dim lighting. We suggest that you turn off the classroom lights. Projection area size: 18" x 44" up to 131" x 74". Includes a 2 year warranty

Commercial option: provides a bigger projection and an even more powerful projection system that you can use in your cafeteria or gym. Bright projection allows you to use the system with normal lighting, eliminating the need to turn the lights off.  Projection area size: 60" x 95" up to 88" x 144". Includes a 5 year warranty.

Made in the USA


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