Interactive LED Fanlite

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It’s so much fun to build vocalization skills with the Interactive Fanlite! As an individual vocalizes, the Interactive Fanlite responds in real time to the sound, filling the fan and lighting up in vibrant color. Great for students with language, speech, and sensory challenges.

This item will also respond to clapping, whistles or other sounds - it will get your students to make some noise!

The light is provided by high quality LEDs designed to last for years. Choose between eight different operating modes-- three automatic modes and five controlled by sound. 

The unit also includes an internal microphone as well as a jack for plugging in external mics. A helpful, easy to use panel on the front allows you to adjust sensitivity and speed.

Easily install the Fanlight on any wall and then plug it into a standard 110V outlet.

Size: 55" W x 32" H x 5.5" D

Recommended for ages three and up.

Adult supervision required.