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LED Infinity Tunnel

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The LED infinity tunnel will create an interesting visual focal point in any sensory room. A series of LED lights and mirrors creates the illusion of a tunnel of lights that stretches into infinity! This activity can provide a calming distraction for anxious or distressed students. 

The low maintenance LED infinity tunnel uses the latest LED technology to produce vibrant colors that never fade, and because it’s LED, bulbs will never burn out making it almost maintenance free! It is easy to mount to a wall and plugs into a standard 110v outlet.

Chose from the following two models:

  • Calming: LED Infinity Tunnel slowly changes through a rainbow of colors. It's a perfect calming activity for students with autism, anxiety, or for individuals with dementia.
  • Superactive: Includes a wireless controller with 8 buttons. Clients can control up to 8 colors. It's also calming and perfect for teaching cause and effect.

Size: 20½" W x 23" H x 4¾" D.

Adult supervision required.

Ages 3+


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