Grade School Soft Corner Set

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You asked for it and now we have it! The Grade School Soft Corner Set is perfect for the sensory room in your elementary school. This set includes a large 26" cube, slide, bumpy ramp, and two large wedges. Use it in the corner of your classroom or sensory room. Reconfigure it to create an obstacle course during your OT time. This set is perfect for building gross motor, balance, and coordination skills.

Your students will love jumping, climbing and sliding on this sturdy set made from heavy duty foam and vinyl that features reinforced stitching. You can attach pieces together with hook and loop pieces sewn on the sides. For maximum stability set it up in the corner of any room. Made with wipeable vinyl that is easy to clean, this set is designed to stand up to lots of use in a home, classroom, or therapy center.

SAFETY DISCLAIMER: Please do not use in the middle of a room. The 26" height of the corner cube can pose a falling risk to children when not used in the corner of a room as intended. If reconfiguring the pieces use with adult supervision at all times.

Designed for ages 4-10.

Size: 90" x 90" x 26"