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Functional Communication

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This game set is designed to teach students how to use Picture Communication to express themselves and interact with others. With lots of ways to play and options for variation, this set will provide hours of fun and learning and is a great tool for any parent, teacher, or therapist. This set includes several fun and motivating games to get students excited about using pictures to communicate and engage with others. The game box features a simple, color coded organization system making it easy to keep materials organized and use them as needed.

The games and pictures target 11 topic areas. These areas are: Places, Playgrounds & Parks, Hygiene, Senses, Feelings, Around Town (Transportation & Community Helpers), Objects, Small Groups (Weather, Seasons, & Days of the Week), Food/Drink, School, and Social. 

Each language topic is taught using two communication game boards featuring 18 receptive language cards and 18 expressive language cards. These boards are used in 5 game formats covering accessible daily topics. The formats are designed to allow students with language and motor delays to participate in game activities they may not otherwise be able to, and each game element has been fine-tuned with accessibility in mind.

The first game format is the Functional World of Communication Game, and in it players can move their pawns around the board as they succeed at exercising their language skills. The pawns are designed to be large and easy to hold, promoting accessibility to players with limited fine motor abilities. On each space, the player pulls a color-coded Topic Stimulus Card relating to one of the 11 topic areas, and is prompted to answer a simple question. Each card includes 4 different response levels, allowing you to flexibly modulate the level of language complexity to the abilities of the player. Students with limited verbal skills may answer vocally, while students who are nonverbal may use the included symbols with eye movement or pointing. 

The second game format is Spinning with Communication, and this game uses the Electronic Spinner, the game boards, and the Topic Stimulus Cards. In this simple game, students pull from the Topic Stimulus Cards and take turns answering questions. After the question is answered, the player is rewarded by getting to spin the Electronic Spinner and receiving tokens according to the result. At the end of the game, the player with the most tokens wins!

The additional formats allow you to use the game boards for simple games such as Bingo, Lotto, and Tic-Tac-Toe. These games may be played receptively, where a student responds to prompts and points to an answer, or expressively, where a student must actively lift cards and show the facilitator their answer. Bingo and Lotto allows students to place tokens on their board and look for rows, or try to fill in the whole board. Tic-Tac-Toe adds additional interaction, letting two students use the same game board with color-coded squares to try and use their color to fill three in a row before their opponent.

These game formats are designed to be easy to modify to meet individual student needs. Nonverbal students, pre-k students with language delays, autistic students, students with hearing impairments, and any student who responds well to clear visual cues. A helpful instruction book includes a helpful index of topic areas and picture symbols, making it easy to choose which areas you would like to target in a play session. With durable, washable construction, this game set is designed to stand up to years of use.

This set includes:

  • 44 Double-Sided Communication Boards
  • 22 Topic Area Boards, 2 for each of the 11 Topic Areas with 9 Pictures per Board
  • 396 Question Cards (198 Receptive and 198 Expressive)
  • Electronic Spinner with Battery
  • Game Markers
  • Game Board
  • Color Coded Foam Bingo Squares

Designed for grades pre-K through 12.

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