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Communicate Junior

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You’re invited to a pizza party! But, there’s just one catch– to prepare for the party, it’s time to practice your social skills! The Communicate Junior Game is designed to help players improve their social skills while also exercising their language and communication. After receiving their invitation to the pizza party, students will have fun answering social questions, getting tokens, and earning party food! In this game, everyone's a winner as players work together to prepare for their pizza party. This group activity is perfect for getting students excited to think about social situations, talk with the group, build their confidence, and have fun!

This game is designed to be flexible and easy to adjust to individual student needs. Each card includes options to accommodate a variety of functioning levels and language skills. The prompt cards are designed to target 12 vital social skills: Listening, Hygiene, Voice (Tone and Volume), Facial Expressions, Manners, Body Language, Ignoring, Conversations (Starting, Maintaining, and Ending), Following Rules, Sharing & Taking Turns, Time & Place, and Eye Contact. Each prompt includes a simple discussion question pertaining to a social situation that players must answer to earn their party food token. 

After the game, players can use the included wet erase marker on the Group Processing Sheets to talk about how well they think their group cooperated, and how they may be able to do even better next time. Two evaluation cards are available, providing options for a simpler or more complex response.

Depending on your group or how much time you have available, you may choose to curate which categories you would like your game to cover. The Party This Way Barrier can reduce the size of the play area, speeding up games and letting players finish within a shorter period of time. Additional tokens, rules, and chance cards can be used to modify the rules and add even more variations & ways to play, keeping the game fresh and engaging for students.

A helpful Reference Manual is included with instructions on how to modify the game as well as tips for helping students get the most out of the activity. The Resource CD allows you to print additional game materials, as well as fun, encouraging certificates to reward students for a job well done!

Communicate Junior includes:

  • 18” x 18” Game Board
  • 4 Pawns
  • Party This Way Barrier for adjusting game length
  • 4 Party Invitations
  • 6 Game Characters
  • 8 Group Processing Sheets
  • Wet Erase Marker
  • Chips
  • Social Skills Certificates
  • Electronic Spinner
  • 24 Chance Cards
  • 240 Question Cards (20 per topic area)
  • 16 Foam Party Food Tokens

Recommended for K-5th grade.

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