First Then Next Chart - Set of 3 First Then Next Chart

First Then Next Chart - Set of 3

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Our First, Then, Next charts are a teacher's favorite. Each chart is fully laminated and includes three hook coins so that you can easily attach your pictures to it. Large text and calming, cool colors make this a great item for people who need help breaking down routines in a simple, easy to understand, and stress-free format. Works great for kids and adults alike!

To use these charts, simply place a visual communication icon on each of the velcro coins. Easily create a customized visual schedule or set of tasks with a reminder of a reward awaiting a student who completes a non preferred activity. Users can also remove icons as each item is finished, adding a sense of progression and accomplishment. 

This is a great way to guide users through a linear set of tasks. For instance: take a bath, brush teeth, and go to bed. By providing a helpful visual aid, users can have a comforting sense of what’s up next, or what reward awaits them. This item is compatible with most velcro-backed picture communication icons, allowing you to fully customize it to your specific needs.

This set includes three 8.5" x 3.5" charts.


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