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Nesting Balance Path

Item # 950033
Price: $355.99

This fun balance activity set features fun tactile animal footprints and easily nests together for convenient space saving storage.

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The Nesting Balance Path is a unique balance beam activity that easily nests together for convenient space saving storage. The varying widths, heights, curved, and convex surfaces allow children to feel their center of gravity and develop balance skills. The different heights of the path strengthen single-leg muscles and stability, while the varying widths create a challenge to adapt to narrow and bumpy terrain.

This set includes four different widths and heights that nest together for length adjustment, making it easy to create courses for a wide range of ability levels. Whether it's circles, twists, turns, or layered stairs, this set offers countless possibilities to keep children engaged and active.

The convex surfaces of the color-coded sections feature four different tactile animal footprints simulating animals strolling along the paths. This not only adds an element of fun but also provides a non-slip surface and sensory stimulation.

Set includes:
Elephant Path (brown) x 2 - 26.14” x 14.45” x 6.77” (L x W x H)
Cat Path (green) x 1 - 44.49” x 10.35” x 5.00” (L x W x H)
Duck Path (orange) x 1 - 41.38” x 6.34” x 3.11” (L x W x H)
Frog Path (yellow) x 1 - 38.43” x 2.60” x 1.65” (L x W x H)

Maximum load: 132 lbs.
Recommended for Ages 2 and up