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Explore Budgeting

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Money management is a vital life skill that everyone needs to learn. However, many classrooms don't cover these essential concepts. The Explore Budgeting curriculum teaches students a variety of financial skills so that they can create a budget, manage their finances, and understand the consequences of over spending. Six chapters include: How Much?, Daily Budget, Weekly Budget, Monthly Budget, Loans and Investments, and Putting It all Together. 

Each lessons begins with vocabulary with full color pictures to provide visual support. Next a financial scenario is introduced with a small amount of reading and lots of visual reference material. Then worksheets follow that include pictures your students can use to help answer the questions. Many of the worksheets are multiple choice.

As students explore budgets they will also learn lots of practical skills including how to read a paycheck, managing debit cards, estimating sales tax, and more. Students enjoy the real life word problems because they can relate to them. Students will learn to compute money using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and percentages.

The teaching manual covers all 78 lessons and includes objectives, background information, step-by-step teaching procedures, and answer key. Each lesson takes approximately 20-30 minutes to complete.

This set includes one teacher guide and one student workbook.

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