Explore Budgeting Introductory Kit

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Money management is a vital life skill that everyone needs to learn. However, many classrooms don't cover these essential concepts. Help your students learn about money matters in a sensible, practical way with The Explore Budgeting kit! This extensive kit teaches students the financial skills they need to know so that they can create a budget and manage their finances.

This curriculum covers estimating costs, loans, and investments. It also helps students create daily, weekly, and monthly budgets. Students will also attain a variety of practical skills from learning how to read a paycheck to managing debit cards and more. Each one of these lessons is outlined in intuitive, easy to understand terms while still covering each concept completely.

This set includes one teacher guide, one student workbook, and a Win/Mac CD. The CD is loaded with a PDF of the Student Book plus a Classroom License for printouts.