Comprehension Quickies Binder w/ CD

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Do you want to help your students build vital reading comprehension and language skills? The Comprehension Quickies binder is a great resource for you. Use the wide variety of activities within to help your student build their reading comprehension skills.

This binder features short, easy-to-read paragraphs with comprehension activities that require students to pay attention to details, understand the content, know word definitions, draw conclusions, write complete-sentence answers, and more. Each short story features a high interest nonfiction topic that is sure to engage readers. Your students will have fun as they work through each new and interesting exercise!

This binder includes 80 different activities for each reading level 1 through 5.

Unique and engaging topics will keep even the most reluctant readers engaged. Binder includes an answer key at the end. This set includes a CD that has printable pages. The Common Core State Standards this curriculum supports are included.