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Buddy Tube with 8" Tether

Item # 100011
Price: $9.99

Easily clip on a chew tube for easy access with the sturdy Buddy Tube with 8" Tether. Great for kids who need to chew!

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Need a sturdy sensory chew that can stand up to even the most aggressive bite? Have a student who struggles with losing their chewys? Clip on a sturdy Buddy Tube and never lose a chewy again. This heavy duty item is perfect for aggressive chewers and has a 90 day guarantee. 

Use the Buddy Tube with Tether to provide oral motor feedback anytime, anywhere. Students can clip it to their shirt, belt loop, backpack, or other items to ensure they have access to their chewy when they need it. Redirect students who may otherwise chew their hair, clothes, or other objects. 

Best of all it's non-toxic and contains no pththalates (including BPA), lead, or latex.

Size: 8 x .5 x .5 inches

Recommended for ages three and up.