3 Tools to Keep Hot Tempers Cool....

May 31st 2017

Do you have a child or student who could use some help developing anger management skills? We’ve put this list of resources together for you.

Stop, Relax & Think Game

The idea of the Stop, Relax & Think game is just that, learning how to stop, relax, and think in difficult situations. The goal of this game is to help impulsive children learn to communicate their emotions, improve their problem solving skills and to slow down and think before they act.

A player will get one of three card suits that could be a Feeling, Relaxing, or a Thinking card. The player will then demonstrate how to act out the scenario on the card. Feeling cards are designed to help students understand their feelings and build empathy. Relaxing cards feature different relaxation techniques students practice while playing. Thinking cards challenge kids to think about problems prior to acting.

Want to dive in deeper you can also use the companion workbook or board game or buy the kit.

Calming Choices Chart

When tempers are hot it is often hard to think. We've created a calming choices chart with a list of common calming choices you can use as a visual prompt to help students make a calming choices when frustrated or angry.

The Anger Solution Card Game

Teach your students how to positively and proactively deal with situations that make them angry. The Anger Solution card game is designed to help your students practice positive responses to anger through the repetitiveness of playing. They will practice anger control techniques as they work to resolve a variety of anger reducing scenarios. Game play is usually 20 to 30 minutes.