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The Action! Interactive Reading Book is designed by an autism specialist to help you meet your IEP goals. This high quality, laminated book features 24 2" x 2" Velcro backed full color images that will help you teach essential actions. With vivid illustrations and simple, understandable text, this book is ideal for teaching various actions to people with special needs. This fully laminated book will be a great addition to any parent, teacher, or therapist's library.

Images include: dig, kick, sleep, hide, jump, smell, catch, swim, lick, pop, drink, build, in the sand box, the football, in the bed, in the tunnel, rope, the flowers, the bean bags, in the pool, the ice cream, the bubbles, the juice, with blocks.

Work on answering WH questions: Where can I dig? Who can jump rope? What can he drink? Teach common everyday actions: sleep, jump, drink and more.

Additionally, work on matching, picture identification, labeling, and reading.

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