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A Picture's Worth (PECS)

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A helpful introduction to the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS). Walks parents and professionals through from beginner to advanced PECS techniques.

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A Picture's Worth will introduce parents and professionals to the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) and teach them how to use it. PECS is a proven picture-based communication system for people with autism and those who have limited or no verbal communication.

This book includes a complete series of lessons, from beginning to more advanced techniques. The process of teaching the six phases of PECS will eventually help people with autism communicate in full sentences.

The book begins with an in-depth introduction on communication development. Next, it looks at how behavior and communication work together. Often, when a person can't express themselves, it's easy for them to become frustrated and for there to be misunderstandings. It provides many real-life case studies and a complete series of lessons that move from beginning to advanced PECS techniques. This book is a great way to learn how to integrate PECS into your home or classroom.

150 pages