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Zip & Clip Fidget Zipper Bracelet

Item # 210110
Price: $2.99

Three stylish zipper bracelets offer tactile exploration, stress relief and support focus.

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The Fidget Zipper Bracelet Set includes three stylish zipper bracelets. At first glance, these bracelets may seem like trendy fashion accessories, but they provide quiet fidgeting, tactile exploration, and fine motor skill development.

The rhythmic and repetitive motion of zipping and unzipping can have a calming effect, promoting a sense of relaxation and focus, making them perfect for children and adults alike to find relief during anxious moments. Use them to support attention and concentration, especially for individuals with sensory processing challenges or ADHD. Teachers can incorporate these bracelets as a discreet tool to aid students in maintaining focus and engagement, ensuring a conducive learning environment for everyone.

The set includes three bracelets.

Recommended for ages 4 and up.