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Strengthening oral awareness and motor function with the Z-Vibe! Great for stimulating the gums, palate, and tongue, mouth, cheeks and lips.

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The Z-Vibe is an easy to use vibrating tool that provides gentle vibration to the mouth, lips, gums and face. This tool provides stimulation to the mouth and can strengthen oral awareness and motor function.

Designed by a therapist, the 3.5" long handle is slightly textured so it won't slip in your hands.

The Z-Vibe is made of sturdy, medical grade plastic that is FDA approved and contains no latex.

It includes a 7/8" Probe tip with a smooth texture and two bumpy textures. Changing out tips is easy; just twist them on or off. Spoon Tips are also available for your feeding therapy program. A wide variety of tips designed to meet the unique needs of your clients are also available and are sold separately.

Please note this is not a chew toy. The attachment tips are not designed for constant chewing or biting. The Z-Vibe should only be used under adult supervision and tips need to be checked regularly for signs of wearing or damage. This item requires a special battery which is not readily available in stores. We recommend buying a spare one.