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Designed by a therapist, the ARK Grabber is a durable and practical chew tool. It's made of resilient materials that are non-toxic and FDA approved and contains no latex.

The P shape provides a convenient handle and keeps clients from pushing it too far into the mouth to cause a gagging reflex. Clients can chew on any part of this item. However, the extension of the Grabber allows kids to reach areas further back on the tongue and between the gums and teeth.

This item works well for therapists working on feeding therapy and jaw rehabilitation. It can also be given to children who are chewing on non-food objects like their hair, clothes, or pencils. ABA therapists have used this item to redirect inappropriate chewing behavior. Please use with adult supervision and discard at the first sign of wearing, chipping or cracking.

The Grabber XT is an extra tough version of the Grabber.  Even though it's constructed with firmer material, it's still pliable and chewy.  This allows clients to bite down hard with lots of jaw pressure, and still have the opportunity for jaw movement and oral exploration.

The Textured Grabber features bumps that provide extra sensory stimulation.

The Grabber XXT is the strongest of all the grabbers and is designed for the heaviest of chewers.

Size: 5"H x 2"L x 0.5"W

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